The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, May 23, 2005

New shoes and fish

Krys decided we needed fish. For Mia, I guess. So she watch them swim around. I don't know - I just work here. She went out this weekend and bought two teeny-tiny fish. One she called a "Dalmation" because it's spotted. The other is a simple goldfish. They are happily swimming around their tank now, and the only ones who are fascinated by them are the cats, and they're not even that interested. Maybe Mia will dig them. I don't know. I just keep having visions of standing over a toilet like countless sitcoms as we dump them. Krys named them Rocky and Bullwinkle.

My lovely wife also went out to get shoes for the Demon Child. This is always interesting. Since Mia cannot walk, her feet didn't get into standard 90 degree angle position that walkers have. Ever since she got her standing frame, over a year ago, she has been standing in it, partly to help her stand and partly to make her feet go the correct way. She's rarely barefoot because good shoes also make her feet go the correct way. For a long time she only wore sneakers, but Krys decided that this summer she should have sandals (it's really hot in Arizona, in case you didn't know). She bought physical therapist-approved sandals (ones that had a solid base and supported her ankle) and Mia has been wearing those for a while. Krys wanted to get her another pair. Here's where SOCIETY comes in a tells us what we need!

Krys can't find girls' sandals in any color other than pink. She can find boys' sandals in brown leather (I have a pair; I call them Jesus shoes or JC Cruisers - you know what they look like!), but girls' come in either pink or they don't come at all. The other girls' shoes are flip-flops, which Mia doesn't wear. So if you're a girl, you must dress in pink or zip around in flip-flops. Boys get the tough, manly shoes. I couldn't believe that when she told me. She bought Mia boys' sandals - solid, brown, sturdy sandals.

I know I have to get used to marketing to different sexes, and I don't really care if Mia and the new kid reject my attempts to get them interested in sports because they want to be all girly (although I will keep trying, because sports are important no matter what sex you are), but this is strange. She's not even three yet and the stores of America are already fitting her into a niche. The girl needs sturdy shoes, damnit! And not EVERYTHING she wears matches pink, you know! Ridiculous.