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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just another thing to worry about

You know, as if we didn't have enough to occupy our minds with regard to our older daughter, now we have something else! School starts tomorrow (Wednesday 12 August), and yesterday we went to a parent-teacher night to meet her new teacher. She's a first-year teacher.

'Nuff said, I think. She's a first-year teacher.

Now, she could be the greatest teacher since Edward James Olmos. I doubt it, though. We're not very happy, but we're willing to give her a chance. I'm just very disappointed by the Mesa School District in general. First they end the program Mia was in the last two years because of budget cuts, then they don't tell us that there's a chance that the program we did put her in might have a first-year teacher heading it. We were considering putting her in a different school district altogether (we've heard the Gilbert, which is next door to Mesa, has a good special ed. program), but we figured we'd give the new school a chance. I hope it wasn't misplaced.

Man, lack of funding for schools sucks.


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