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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mia's new teacher

I realized I hadn't posted in two weeks because I'm a jerk. But here we are again, and I'm writing a bit more about Mia's school and her new teacher!

I mentioned in the post below that Mia's new teacher is, indeed, a new teacher, as in a first-year teacher, which disturbed us a bit. I sent her off to school, however, and hoped for the best. She's been going to school for two weeks now, and everything seems pretty okay. I figured she would eat better once she went back to school, and she has. Her aides write down everything she eats, and just the activity of school seems to have increased her appetite a bit. She has another appointment with the gastroenterologist next week, so we'll see if they need to do anything else for her. She has apparently gained some weight, but I don't quite trust our scale here at the house, so we'll see when they officially weigh her next week. But the eating has been going well.

I went to school last week to speak to the head of the Special Ed. department and say hello to her therapists. I told the Special Ed. Head that we were a bit concerned that Mia's teacher was inexperienced, and she said all the right things to reassure me. The teacher's mentor is on campus, and they're making sure she has all the resources she needs to deal with Mia. It's a bit more difficult to deal with kids who have a traumatic brain injury because they're relatively uncommon, so a special ed. teacher might go years without having one, and this teacher has one right out of the box. But after speaking with the head of Special Ed. and the PT and OT, I felt better. I'm still going to be sticking my nose in her school business, but at least I'm not as concerned about her schooling as I was. I still think it's too easy for Mia to get lost in the shuffle at school because of her immobility, and I want to make sure they don't stick her in a corner and forget about her. That's always my fear.

I'll update her schooling throughout the year, but she does seem to be a lot happier than she was at the end of the summer. I know I am! My mother is visiting for Mia's birthday (which is Sunday, so I'll have more pictures up soon), and she says Mia looks a lot better than she did in May, which is when she last saw her. So that's nice to know. Our goal now: Get her to 40 pounds! That shouldn't be that hard!


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