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Monday, November 08, 2010

Is it time for Norah to get her own apartment?

On Friday Norah got out of school early. She was released at 1.25, and I calculated that she would get to the bus stop around 1.50, as it seems to take that long for her usually to get home. So about 1.45 I went to the door ... and there she stood. She had gotten off the bus by herself and walked home. I was a bit taken aback. I figured she probably could walk home by herself, but I was surprised she had taken the initiative like that. First of all, the bus driver shouldn't let her off the bus if I'm not there - the kindergarten and first-grade kids aren't allowed. So technically is was illegal for her to get off the bus. I'm not that bothered by the fact that he let her off the bus, because it would have been annoying to wait until she came back around, but usually, when I pick her up, there's another kindergarten kid who gets off as well. His mother is late usually 2-3 times a week, but I always hang around to make sure he doesn't wander off, plus some of the older kids usually do so as well. I asked Norah if the other kids stayed around, but she said no. Of course, she hasn't quite grasped the concepts of truth-telling and lying yet, so who knows if the kids were there or not. I don't know if the mother of the other kid was there, either. If she was, I wish she had returned the favor and waited with Norah. Maybe Norah just took off!

I hate when she gets released from school early, because I really don't know how long it takes for her to get home. At least now I know I have to leave a bit earlier! But I thought it was pretty cool that she walked home all by herself, even if she did have to cross our street to do so (and it doesn't have a lot of traffic at all, so it's probably fairly safe). She's getting bolder every day!


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