The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mia peed on me

I got her out of bed yesterday after her nap because she inexplicably woke up crying (she does this occasionally; we suppose it's nightmares, because she shuts up the second we walk in) and brought her out into the living room to hang out for a while. I was lying on the sofa and she was sitting on my leg. Then she peed on me. She has done this to Krys too, and finds it quite humorous. She's so evil.

I suppose I should be happy that she's not a boy, since boys apparently pee whenever you take their diaper off. We've been working slowly on getting her potty-trained, but it's difficult since she can't walk. It also take her FOREVER to poop, and whenever we do sit her on the training potty we bought, she doesn't go. Potty training is fun.

I ordered her gait trainer on Friday, so it should be here in two weeks. The wonders of not going through insurance - you just pay, and it appears! How novel and efficient! We're hoping that having her in the walker will not only help her walk (obviously) but speed up her potty training. Because being urinated on is not really fun (except, of course, for Mia).