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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Achieving Norah, plus I get all grumpy

Apparently, Norah sat up yesterday. Twice. I did not see it, and she hasn't done it since. Fickle child!

She is also pushing herself up on her knees. She has pulled one knee forward from this position, and she often lunges forward from this position. So that's very cool. Soon she will be crawling, and I will be happy.

Or so I think. Last week Krys came home and told me that some woman she works with spouted off the old cliché, Soon you'll wish for the days when Norah couldn't crawl, because she'll drive you crazy! Why do people say such stupid crap like that? You don't want your children to progress? What the hell?

This woman, as far as I know, knows about Mia's problems, too. So she knows that our three-year-old can't walk and can barely crawl yet, and she's saying idiotic stuff like we'll soon wish our other child was in the same state as Mia, because we're not going to want to chase around after her.

Sheesh. People are stupid. I guess I understand the nostalgia factor, when you had a child who was completely dependent and therefore completely devoted to you, but to give it voice and insult someone sounds like something I would do. And I'm an idiot. Other people shouldn't be.

Anyway, I hope to be chasing Norah around the house soon. And anyone who ever meets me has my permission to beat me with a sockful of pennies if I ever yearn for the days before she could crawl and walk. I'll deserve it.


  • Is Norah sitting steadily? or can you play baby left/baby right as she sits, wobbles, and topples? I miss that! I agree with your post though, nostalgia is lovely but the best things about children is the way they constantly move onto new things and skills - whether at the pace of developmental milestones or their own pace.

    By Blogger Custancia, at 10/4/06 12:32 PM  

  • She's sitting pretty steadily - she still can't get up on her own, but once she's there, she's fine. She tumbles when she tries to get stuff behind her, but moving to her left and right is pretty simple for her, and if something is out of her reach, she just eases down onto her belly and crawls for it.

    By Blogger Greg, at 10/4/06 2:00 PM  

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