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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Queen of the BM

Loyal and devoted readers of this here blog know that we have some issues with Mia and, shall we say, her natural processes. Yes, this is a post about poop!

Parents know that getting a child regular is something that they don't really tell you about in the child-rearing classes on the Internet. Nobody wants to talk about bowels and their movement. I suppose some parents don't think about it because their kids are regular, but they should, because it's an important part of their kid being healthy. It's been a struggle with Mia for two reasons: she doesn't stand upright a whole lot, so gravity doesn't pull stuff down and she's not moving her insides around and stirring things up; and she doesn't drink enough. So it's just another thing to worry about.

This week, however, has been different, for some reason. She pooped on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday night. Rejoice! She is in her gait trainer more often these days, and she loves walking in it, and she has been drinking a bit more (the temperature hit 90 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale here two days ago, so we're starting to worry about her hydration and are really pushing liquids on her), so we're thinking those factors have contributed to it. Of course, she hasn't pooped since then, so maybe she's back on her once-a-week schedule.

Pooping (or lack thereof) is a difficult phenomenon to deal with. She gets very uncomfortable for at least a day before she poops, so that's why it was so nice that she went thrice in four days. We have been trying to get her onto the toilet, but she has gotten to a point where she doesn't give us a lot of warning that it's coming. On Tuesday she pooped after we put her to bed - we had to go in at 11 o'clock and change her, which is never fun and wakes her up. So even though she is pooping a little more regularly, we still haven't been able to start training her on the toilet. Krys tries to get her to pee in the toilet every night, but it's slow going.

So she may have conquered her incontinence. Let us all hope! If we free her bowels, the rest will follow!


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