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Friday, December 15, 2006

Mia gets all nerdy, like her parents!

A few months ago I took Mia to the eye doctor because she was poking herself in the eye a lot and it had been about two years since she had seen the eye doctor. The doctor told me that she had amblyopia, or "lazy eye," and he prescribed glasses - not a patch - to correct it. He also gave us some atropine, which makes her right eye blurry and is supposed to help her keep the glasses on, the theory being that she will pull the glasses off and not be able to see at all, so she'll learn to keep them on. It hasn't worked out too well so far, but we've only been putting the drops in for a few days, so maybe it will work soon.

Mia doesn't really mind the glasses all that much. They're lightweight, so we don't think they bother her that much, but she still like to pull them off. We don't think she does this out of annoyance, we think she does it to compare how she's seeing with them and without them. Unfortunately, she can't get them back where they're supposed to be, which is when it becomes a problem. Since she only uses one hand, she can't get them right, and we have to step in. She hasn't figured out yet that she just can't disturb them. She will, we hope, but it's frustrating right now.

We're hoping that she won't have to wear them forever. She has to go back to the doctor in 6-12 months, and he'll check her again. We think she'll eventually have to get glasses for her actual sight, because both her father and mother have poor eyesight, and isn't it genetic? But we'd like her to go through a few years without glasses - Krys didn't need them until she was in her late twenties.

Here she is with her glasses:

Just when you thought she couldn't get any more adorable!!!!!


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