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Saturday, January 27, 2007


It has begun. I haven't said anything about it yet because I wanted to wait until it began. But now the full story can be told!

Mia began hippotherapy yesterday. What, you ask, is hippotherapy? Sheesh, people, that's why I provide links! It doesn't even take you away from this page! If you're too lazy to check it out, hippotherapy is horse therapy. By riding a horse, we hope to improve Mia's balance and trunk strength, and apparently it helps speech as well. Everyone we've spoken to about it says it is very helpful, so we are hopeful.

I took her out to the ranch where the hippotherapy takes place back in November to check it out. I got all the paperwork and filled it out, and we took it back after we got back from Egypt, and Krys came along to look around. They put us on the dreaded waiting list, and we waited. A few weeks ago one of the therapists called with an appointment time of 9 a.m. on Thursday - which is a school day. So we had to pass. But this week, a therapist called with an appointment time of 5 p.m. on Friday (which has already been moved to 4 p.m.). She asked if that was okay. I told her Mia would be fine with it, so of course it was okay!

Krys came home from work early yesterday and we all went out. Mia didn't actually ride the horses, as it was just an evaluation. That starts next week. She has seen the horses before and yesterday she went out again, and she seems very excited about the whole thing. She has been walking very well, and the only thing holding her back from getting even better is her balance. We're really hoping that this helps, and according to her speech therapist, her PT, and her OT at school, it will. In the summer, the place switches to aquatic therapy, because it's too hot for the horses. So that should be nice, too, because Mia loves the pool so much.

I will post more about this when she actually gets on a horse (with pictures!). We're very happy that the wait wasn't too long, because we think this will help her a lot, and we wanted to get her started. We'll see how it goes!


  • That is great!
    I worked on a Horse Farm for 9 months caring for, taking lessons and being with the horses and they help anyone and everyone. They truly are healing and helpful animals.

    By Blogger Michele & MHA Photography, at 28/1/07 8:28 PM  

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