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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Norah has found a new deity!

I don't think it's any big surprise to anyone who has kids that kids are weird. They're always doing weird things that make sense in their little universe but are completely inexplicable to us boring unimaginative old people. Norah is a perfect example of this, as she has discovered a new god.

There's really no other way to put it. She worships Smokey, our cat. She has always loved Smokey, as he has very long hair and is therefore somewhat fancy, is kind of old and therefore isn't terribly speedy, and is almost infinitely patient with both children, unlike our other cat, Zoe, who wasn't particularly fond of either of them. Smokey rarely hisses or swats at Norah, and I don't think he's ever used his claws on her, so she loves him. She does a pretty good job petting him, but occasionally she grabs his tail or tries to poke him in the face - this last thing isn't malicious at all, she just wants to identify his body parts - and he moves slowly away, only to have her come after him. We aren't sure why he doesn't jump up to higher ground where she can't reach - we think he secretly digs the attention, even though he has to endure getting a finger stuck in his face.

Recently, however, her relationship with Smokey has gotten weirder. She has begun to bring him offerings. He sits on the sofa or on the ground, and she brings him the small magnet toys that are usually stuck on the side of the refrigerator. These magnets are in the form of the front or back half of various barnyard animals, and the idea is to match the two in the "barn," which is another magnet. Norah likes putting them in the barn, because if you don't match them, it tells you that you're silly. But now, when Smokey is sitting near the refrigerator, she brings him the pieces and stacks them right next to him, in some sort of offering. He is nonplussed by the whole thing. Smokey is an aloof god! Norah, however, remains constant in her faith, and refuses to be deterred.

The first two pictures aren't that good, but the last one works pretty well to convey what she's doing. Yes, she's weird, but at least she's got religion!


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