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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Norah becomes a teenager, plus random photographs!

Today, while Mia was eating lunch, Norah was wandering around, because she hoovers up her food and then demands to be free! She took some time out from bothering Smokey to get her purse, in which is all manner of chick things like Krys's old college ID, a cell phone (fake), and car keys (fake) - you know, chick things! So Norah picks up the cell phone and walks around with it for a few moments. Then she opens it up, puts it to her ear (she learned very quickly where the phone goes), and starts babbling excitedly. After about thirty seconds of this, she says "Bye-bye!" and closes the phone. I thought that was one of the most adorable things one of my children has done ... this week. They're always topping themselves! Of course, the first thing I thought was, "When did she become a teenager?" Boy, I can't wait until she spends hours on the phone! We are, of course, not buying her a cell phone. Because we, of course, hate our children!

Okay, on to some random pictures, because it's been a while since you've gotten a good look at the prettiest girls in the world. So let's check out Mia and Norah in their natural habitat!

Norah loves big-people shoes. She can't walk in them too well, but that doesn't deter her!

Norah thought taking the tray from her high chair and placing it on her head would be funny. And you know what? It's comedy gold!

Here are the girls hanging out with Mommy.

Norah likes to walk around with her blanket over her head. Why? More comedy gold, I would imagine! Note: I did NOT do this to her in order to take a cute picture. She put it there herself.

Krys noticed the other day that while they were watching television, they were both giggling. She checked it out and they were playing with blocks together. That's nice, because occasionally they grab each other's toys simply because they can.

That's Krys's purse, by the way, not hers. Very often, when say anything about going out, or if she even thinks we are, she'll grab a purse. She's ready to go!

More big people shoes, this time my sneakers. Although, to be honest, the way she's wearing them would fit right in with some of the students I used to teach. She's ahead of the fashion curve!

Sorry I don't have more of Mia. She's at school or in therapy a lot, and there's that matter of her not getting around too easily, so Norah is just easier to shoot. I will have pictures of Mia on a horse soon. At least I hope she gets on the horse this Friday! So stop by over the weekend or early next week, because I'll have put them up by then.


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