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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Booster seat Burgas!

Quite suddenly last week (on Tuesday, to be specific), Norah decided that sitting in her high chair was no longer sufficient. She was very screechy when we tried to put her in it, and the screams just escalated. Krys asked if she wanted to sit at the table, a proposal which excited her to no end. So we got the booster seat out of the garage, and voila! Norah is at the table with us! She's very excited. She's starting to really get the hang of utensils, and although she doesn't eat as ravenously as she used to, she still likes trying new things. She's having fun sitting at the table like a big girl!

Sigh. Even at 20 months, she's growing up so fast!


  • Awww. I figured by the title we'd see you in a booster seat. But alas, it is big girl Norah!

    By Blogger Roxy, at 25/2/07 1:45 PM  

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