The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Regular posting will return soon ...

Strange week. Sorry for the lack of posting, all three of my regular readers. In the meantime, be like Norah, and just chill:

Yes, she's learned how to climb onto the bed. Lucky us!


  • Ahh, too cute Norah! So i have some bad news for you Burgas'. It looks like I won't be coming home this summer. Well i take that back, I'll be home for like three weeks at the end of july/beginning of august. I found a family to stay with up here and am going to take summer classes, so it looks like you'll have to find a new baby-sitter for the summer. I hope this finds you all well...miss you guys a great deal! But I do promise that when i come home I'll visit you first thing and will baby-sit :) love you guys!

    By Anonymous Rachel Curtis, at 26/2/07 8:10 PM  

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