The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Norah's boo-boo

Norah got her first real boo-boo this past weekend. She's had some bruises as she bangs around the house, but Krys took her to the mall on Saturday and she fell down in the parking lot, skinning her knee. Krys said she didn't cry at all, because she's super-tough! Then she got her bangs trimmed and screamed like a banshee, apparently.

I mentioned to Mia's PT about how easily she bruises. He made the point that she doesn't get around very much and doesn't catch herself when she falls over, so her skin doesn't get tough like it should. It's a pain in the butt, because she bruises from things you would never think of. We try to be careful with her, but she still gets bruises. Norah, apparently, is right on track to get her skin toughened up. She was very impressed with her boo-boo, and has been pointing it out all week. Two-year-olds are easily amused!


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