The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Things Mia has been doing

Mia sat up! We're very excited about it. I may have mentioned that she sat up once in the past, but it was only one time, and nobody saw it, so we're not exactly sure how she did it. But now she appears to have figured it out. Yippee!

She lies on her right side and rolls kind of onto her belly. It's more of a three-quarter roll - she's not on her stomach, she just leans on it. Then she begins pushing off on her right arm. She manages to keep her legs on the floor, stabilizing her, and she pushes. It takes her quite some time, but she does it. She slowly moves her hand toward her body, pushing all the way. Finally, she gets into a sitting position. She gets her left arm over and she's sitting up. She has only done it a few times, because she's at school so long, but she has done it a few times and seems to enjoy it a lot. We haven't told her physical therapist because he took this week off, but I'm sure he will be happy about it.

Mia can spell! Well, her name at least. She's quite good at it, too. She enthusiastically says "M!" "I!" and "A!" She has done it more than a few times, and only screws up the first letter every once in a while. We're very excited about that, too. We're pretty happy with her progress, because she seems to be understanding more about what's going on. She's very happy about spelling her name, and we think she knows what she's doing. It's nice to see.

Norah is doing stuff, too. But that's for another day. Right now, Mia is doing very well, and we couldn't be happier about it.


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