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Monday, December 24, 2007

Random pictures of the children

Because you just don't see enough pictures of them!

Here Mia and Norah play nicely together, which they do quite often. Norah, of course, is hamming it up for the camera. It's very difficult to get a nice, normal picture of her, because she likes vamping so much.

Except for the pacifier, this is a cute picture of Norah trying on Mommy's glasses. We're trying to wean her from the suckies, but she's stubborn about them. Oh well - we'll deal with it eventually.

Mia looks like this the morning after a bath. Her hair is thick and she doesn't like to Krys to dry with a hair dryer, so she goes to bed with it wet. She sleeps pretty much on her left side, so it gets plastered everywhere on the left and gets stuck up over her forehead. It's no fun brushing it every morning, I'll tell you that much. So I just took her picture to embarrass her when she's a teenager.

On Saturday Norah was 2½, and every six months I like to take their pictures in a certain chair. The chair I used to use is now in the garage, so we've moved on. The first photo is what happens when we tell Norah to smile. The second is better, but she looks very stiff. Oh well - not every picture is perfect!

I hope everyone has (or had) a nice Christmas, and I'll be posting photos of that fun day pretty soon. I'm sure the children will be good and excited about their presents. I know I'm excited about mine, whatever they are!


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