The Daughter Chronicles

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Norah discovers something groovy

This morning Norah found out about the sheer joy of drinking milk out of the cereal bowl when all the cereal is gone. Usually she just asks for more cereal, and when she's done she scoops milk with her spoon and drinks it, but today she decided to take the more direct route! I sat next to her and watched her to make sure she wasn't spilling it, and she did a very good job. Is milk any better than when it comes from a cereal bowl after the cereal is gone? I think not!

She's also doing better with stringing four or even five words together, which is nice. Mia's speech therapist is very happy with her progress. This morning as she climbed out of bed she said, "Suckie here big girl," which is what I tell her when she gets out of bed: "Leave your suckie here because you're a big girl." Verbs continue to elude her, I suppose. But that's just one example - she's been doing others, so we're hoping she can add some action words to her vocabulary soon!


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