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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Learning names with Mia

Mia frustrates us quite often, mostly because it's hard to communicate with her. We're never sure what she knows, or if she knows something and is being deliberately obtuse. Recently she's been a bit of a pain, and we think she's asserting what little independence she has (an assessment that her speech therapist agrees with, to a degree). But we keep forging on, trying to get things into her long-term memory, because that's quite good (as opposed to her short-term memory, which is pretty bad).

Her teacher mentioned the other day that she knew the name of one of her classmates. She said "hi" to him the other day and used his name, which surprised the teacher. They have been trying to get her to use her classmates' names all year, and this was the first time she did so spontaneously. I told her that I was surprised she hadn't learned the names of the teachers yet. She knows all her therapists, after all. Yes, she's seen them for far longer than her teachers, but she only sees them once a week, while she sees her teachers every day, so the amount of time she spends with each person is probably similar.

Well, last week she decided that she did know her teacher's name. I asked her when she woke up if she knew what day it was (she can list the days of the week in order, although she gets confused on the weekend days), and she did (whether she guessed right or knew is immaterial to us), and then I asked her if she knew her teacher's name, and she did. I was quite impressed, because she had never given any indication that she knew it. So all this week she's been telling us her teacher's name. She also decided that she knew the name of one of her aides. She called her by her teacher's name at first, but after I told her what it was, she started saying it.

It's always nice to hear that she has learned something new. It takes her quite a long time, so when it does happen, it's neat. She's going to be in this class until sixth grade (or until we move, which we hope will come first), so it's always good to know the names of the teachers!


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