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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chatting with Norah

Norah has begun using more and more complete and (somewhat) complex sentences, which is always nice to hear. She says "I like my dress" and "Hello, Daddy, how are you?" She still hasn't grasped the idea of "my" and "your" yet, as she says "my" when she means mine, because I'll say "my shoes" or something like that. I guess that's a common problem for kids, because it's such an esoteric concept. In the context of a longer sentence, like the one above, she gets it right, but I guess that's from memorizing the entire structure of the sentence rather than putting the words together. This is really a fascinating time in her life, as she begins to learn more and more and starts putting things together. She's memorizing structures but not necessarily why they go that way, and it will be neat to see her make that leap. But right now it's just nice to hear her using longer sentences. As usual, we hope it rubs off on Mia, and it does seem to have an effect, as Mia's speech therapist says she's noticed her using longer sentences. I've noticed it a little, but not to the extent that her therapist has. I guess that's why she's the professional!

You know how people joke about trying to get their kids to walk and talk and then trying to get them to sit down and shut up? Well, I might want Norah to sit down, but I'm very jazzed about her talking, so I want her to keep at it! I want to have a conversation with her!


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