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Saturday, August 09, 2008

The cats love Norah

We got new cats in March, and while one is exceedingly friendly, the other two remain a bit skittish. One of them has warmed up to us, while the other is slowly getting used to Krys even though she still runs away from me. I try to tell her I'm a swell guy, but she's not buying it! However, all the cats - even the freaky one - love Norah. We're not sure why, as Norah isn't all that nice to them. We try to keep an eye on her, because we don't want her being mean to the cats and we don't want the cats swatting at her, but she still treats them as if they aren't living creatures. She pushes down on them too much, in other words, because she doesn't realize that could hurt them. They mostly stay under beds and out of sight, because they're cats and that's what cats do, but I still have to keep an eye on her when they show up, because even though she pets them nicely, she'll eventually push or lie down on their kidneys, and that can't be fun.

The other day, however, she was lying on the floor in the family room. Kiko, one of the cats, was lying next to her. Kiko's back paws were in Norah's face, but Norah didn't care. Even when Kiko pushed on Norah's face, which she did occasionally, Norah didn't care. I thought it was quite bizarre, so I took pictures:

I still can't figure out why the cats like Norah so much. I'm perfectly friendly to them! I love cats! Yet they run away from me. I guess they're those masochistic cats you hear so much about.


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