The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I need to start wearing a wire ...

I'm sure people who see kids often know they say the darndest things. I keep meaning to write more of what Norah says, because she cracks us up. Apparently last night, for some reason she got into a discussion with my lovely wife and Spanish came up somehow. Yesterday Norah heard someone speaking Spanish on the radio and she correctly identified it as such. I was fairly impressed. Then last night she was chatting with Krys and she said, "Chris speaks Spanish because he's black." Chris is a kid at her school. We're not sure why she said that, but we believe it's because Dora the Explorer is brown and that's why Norah knows what Spanish sounds like. Krys told her that she, Norah, also knows some Spanish. Norah didn't quite know what to make of that.


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