The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry, but it's even more stuff that Norah says!

I just can't shut her up! Today, while we were driving home from her school, she noted Mia's red shirt, on which was written "Santa's Favorite." I told Norah what it said, and she nodded. Then she said, "She was born for that shirt."

What she meant, I believe, is that it's Mia's shirt and not Norah's because it's too big. I think that because she immediately said something about getting that kind of shirt when she's a bigger girl. She has no idea about time, so she always says things in the past tense - "When I was a bigger girl, I would wear that" - that sort of thing. So that's what I think she meant.

But I prefer to think of her believing that Mia was so perfectly suited for the shirt that she was, indeed, born for it.


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