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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Number nine, number nine ...

Hey! it's Mia's ninth birthday today! How about that?

I confess, I forgot this morning that it was Mia's birthday. Usually I'm pretty good at keeping track of the date, but for some reason I forgot it was the 30th today. So I suck. It's not like she cares.

Mia at nine is, of course, a bit different than most kids at nine. Her "mental" age is far less than nine, so occasionally it's easy to forget that she is actually that old. But yes, nine years ago today she entered the world and changed our lives forever, in more ways than one. I remember the days leading up to her birth very well, because I had lost my first teaching job in June (with my wife very pregnant, mind you) and I wasn't sure I'd get another one. I had just started another a few weeks earlier (luckily) and was still getting the hang of it, and now I had to get the hang of being a dad. As I've written before, being a high school teacher is great training for being a dad, so being both at the same time was quite the experience. Mia was born on her due date, mainly because the doctor decided it was time, so while Krys didn't have a C-section, they did induce labor. She wasn't in labor all that long, which was nice for her. I still wouldn't want to go through that, I'll tell you that much.

So Mia is nine. Considering that she probably ought to be dead, we'll take it.

(This is her first day on this planet. Look how ... well, like a baby she looks!)


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