The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, November 27, 2011

So Norah had to get a haircut to match Mia's ...

Norah's 'do was getting a bit shaggy, so she got a cut. Not quite as severe as Mia's, but her hair is thinner and, of course, she doesn't try to chew on it. I was going to post the before and after pictures anyway, but the "before" photo has something interesting:

You can't really see her hair that well, but you can see her playing with Krys's iPhone. Yes, she's discovered the addictive nature of the iPhone. I told Krys that she was leading our daughter down the dark path, but she didn't care. Norah is probably already more technologically advanced than I am - that's not hard, of course, but she is only six. Soon she'll be downloading apps into her brain directly and she'll leave humanity behind!!!!

Until then, she looks awfully cute with her new haircut, doesn't she?


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