The Daughter Chronicles

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Norah dressed as Rapunzel for Halloween:

She had a fun time trick-or-treating, but she didn't go to a few houses because she was too scared. I stayed home, because Mia didn't want to go. Usually Mia only wants to go out for a little bit, but this year, with her muscle problems and the medications making her sleepy, she was almost out by six o'clock, and she really didn't want to go out. Oh well. Maybe next year! So I don't know much about Norah's sojourn around the neighborhood. I just know she enjoyed it! As usual, I doubt if she'll eat much of her candy. She likes candy but doesn't eat it excessively, and anyway, we won't let her do that. I suspect that like last year, it will hang around here for a few weeks and then Krys will take it into work, where it will vanish quickly. It's the cycle of life!


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