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Monday, September 26, 2011

Norah's first first grade grades

How's that for a title?

So last week we had the first parent-teacher conferences of first grade, and as we expected, everything went fine. Norah is kicking much butt in first grade, which is nice to hear. Every year we wonder if she'll adjust, and we're always happy when she does. She's working hard at school, learning to read nicely and making good progress, and working hard on arithmetic. The teacher is very happy with how she's doing.

She did get an "S" (for "satisfactory") in "citizenship" rather than an "O" (for "outstanding") because the teacher says occasionally she chats in class, but she also said it's so negligible that we shouldn't worry about it. Norah, happily enough, wasn't too bummed out because she didn't get an "O," which is nice because she often wants to have the best grades ever and if she doesn't get them, she's sad. But this time she just nodded when we asked if she could try harder to be quiet in class. We really don't have an issue with her behavior, because I can't believe she misbehaves all that much, but we'll see if next time she gets an "O."

She got close to perfect grades on every subject, and she's enthusiastic about learning everything she can. She's very excited when she understands things, and she likes telling us the answers to all the questions she herself comes up with (she writes addition problems on her chalkboard and then solves them). She's working very hard to learn how to read, and she's excited about that, too. So I'm glad she's doing well in school, because from what we see at home, she ought to be working hard at school!

We'll have to see how she does going forward. It's fun to watch her learn!


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