The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Norah: Martial artist!

The other day a couple of flyers came home in Norah's backpack. The school is offering a couple of after-school programs. One is a drawing class and the other is a karate class. We've discussed them both with Norah before, and we asked her again which one she wanted to take, making sure she knew that "neither" was an option. She looked them over and pointed at the drawing class flyer. We asked, "The drawing one, right? Not the karate class?" She said, rather casually,

"I already know karate."

She then extended her arm with the hand flat, pseudo-Nazi salute style, and kicked a bit with her leg while saying, "Hi-ya!" So that was that. She DOES already know karate! Drawing classes it is!

(We don't care which she takes or even if she does. She enjoys drawing a lot, and we know martial arts would improve her confidence, so whichever she wants is fine with us. We didn't expect that reason, though. That's because Norah rocks!)