The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween with the kids!

Yes, we have pictures. Norah has inherited Krys's absolute love of Halloween (or perhaps Krys has forced her love of Halloween on Norah!), so of course we went out trick-or-treating. Mia isn't as jazzed about it as Norah is, so after a while, she was clamoring to go home. I told her if we went home she was going to bed, and eventually she decided that was better than getting pushed around the neighborhood. Norah and Krys stayed out a little longer and had some fun. I went home and put Mia to bed. She was happy.

It's always difficult putting a costume on Mia, because of her wheelchair - it never really looks great, especially because Krys always gets her a dress of some sort. This year she was Ariel. I hope that next year she gets her a costume that has pants. Even though she's a girl. Norah, meanwhile, was Rosetta the fairy, a friend of Tinker Bell's from the Tinker Bell movies. I don't know why she picked Rosetta. Who knows what strange things are going on in that five-year-old brain!!!!!

So here are the pictures of Mia and Norah:

I also forgot to post the pictures of the girls from their photo session in August, which we try to do every year (we skipped last year, unfortunately). Mia didn't smile as much as we liked, but here they are:

Look at those cuties! I hope everyone who cares to celebrate Halloween had a good one! We, of course, are mean and barely let the kids eat any of their candy - Mia doesn't want it, and we dole it out extremely carefully to Norah. She doesn't really love a lot of candy, though, which is handy. I'm sure someday she'll whine for it, but that won't be this year!