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Monday, May 16, 2005

Mia will be walking soon if we have anything to do with it!

Mia's gait trainer arrived today. Yay! As I have no digital camera, much to the chagrin of someone I know who wants to check out our van, pictures of said gait trainer will be coming once my roll of film is done. The gait trainer is a device that will help her stand and walk. It is on wheels, and it has ankle straps (to keep her alignment straight), a carriage for her hips, a chest strap, and shoulder straps. She has figured out Velcro (world's strongest fastener my ass!), so it's nice that the gait trainer has clasps instead. We are going to let her PT assemble it, since we're stupid (well, I am at least - Krys probably could figure it out, but she doesn't have a lot of time with the new job). We are hoping this will get her moving on the whole walking thing, since she really does get upset by the fact that she's not as mobile as other kids. This will also facilitate my cooking, since she won't be limited to one room in the house as much as she is now (and it ain't the kitchen). Remember, you can suggest recipes for me! Anyway, we're very happy it arrived (less than two weeks after I ordered it - bypassing insurance is a wonderful thing!) and we hope to get her in it ASAP. Updates will follow!

Many thanks to Jon for linking to this blog. His is a good one, also about parenting. Check it out!


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