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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Road trip!

Sorry about the lack of posting - this week we've been busy getting ready to get the house painted! It's getting painted right now! How exciting!

Mia went on a road trip on Friday with the girl who is babysitting her while Krys and I work (only two more weeks for me, yay!). This young lady took her to the school at which I used to work. The strange thing about this is that both my wife and I are banned from the campus (long story, but suffice it to say that the employment did not end well). Now, I don't care about introducing Mia to my old bosses, but the administrative assistant who works there is a wonderful woman who hadn't seen Mia since she was a few months old, so she was very happy to see the Demon Child. We were hoping that my old boss wouldn't infect her with his evil (I'm biased, so maybe that's too harsh a word), but she seems to still be un-evil, so that's nice. Our nanny took her because her sister was giving a presentation, and she wanted to see it. Mia, of course, ignored all that and just wanted to babble, so our nanny had to take her outside for a while. Mia was still a little freaked out by the applause during the introductory section, because sharp, loud noises freak her out a bit. She used to startle at every little noise, but she's gotten better at it. It's weird. We don't know if it's a function of her brain damage or not. It's one of the frustrating things about your first child being "different." We don't know what's just normal kid stuff and what is because she has a traumatic brain injury. Do loud noises freak every kid out? What's the deal, parents?

So she had a grand old time visiting my old school. According to my old boss, she's welcome back anytime. Presumably if she can get there on her own, that is, since we are still banned.

More soon, I promise!


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