The Daughter Chronicles

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Unbearable Cuteness of Being Mia

Phew - hectic week for both of us, hence the lack of posting. I only have one more week of work, so I should be more consistent then.

A short tale: When the Demon Child naps in the afternoon, once she gets to sleep (it takes her a while, because of the seizures), she does some heavy-duty sleeping. Usually we have to wake her up around 4.30, or she'd sleep well into the evening. So the other day I opened her door, turned off the fan, raised the blinds - none of this usually succeeds in waking her up, but we try. After about ten minutes I had to resort to drastic measure - going in and plucking her out of bed manually and taking her out into the living room. That wakes her up! We went out onto the sofa and hung out while she sucked on her pacifier and blinked her eyes and generally got sorted out. Then she writhed a little in my arms, so I asked her if she wanted to play on the floor. She signed "please" (which is how she says "yes" even though she knows the sign for "yes" and knows what it means, but I guess we should be happy she's polite), so I laid her down on the floor on her side, because I want her to get the rest of the way onto her tummy. I spread her toys out near her head but far enough away so that she would have to crawl a bit to them. Let the playing begin! Well, no. She just lay there, so I got down on my stomach and looked her in the eye and asked her what was up. She was still tired, and apparently a little cranky, because she just looked at me and the lip came out. You know. The LIP. Her bottom lip starts to pout, ever so slightly, as if she's not quite ready to scream, but she wants me to know she's definitely unhappy. I asked her why she was unhappy, and the lip trembled on the verge of becoming a full-blown pout. I petted her head and said everything was okay, and told her there's not much else she could do that didn't involve work, so maybe she really should play. The lip hovered; it could go either way! Oh, the tension! I talked soothingly to her and tried to make the lip go away, and although it was close, eventually it subsided. I got in close to her and tried to make her giggle by tickling her neck with my scruffy face, which usually works, but not today. Despite the lip's receding, she was still going to be cranky no matter what! I told her if she didn't want to sit with Daddy and she didn't want to play, I would force her to sit by herself on the floor. Surprisingly, this news elicited no reaction from her. So sitting it was! We sat for a while until it was time to eat dinner, and the lip hasn't made a reappearance for lo these few days now. Needless to say, even when she was on the verge of tears, my daughter was ridiculously cute. I was trying not to tell her how cute she was while the lip was coming out, because that may have pushed her over the edge. We must take these mood swings seriously! So that's my story. Just so you know.


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