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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mia lost her music therapist

Well, she didn't exactly lose her. I mean, her music therapist called me on Thursday, so I assume someone knows where she is. However, the reason her music therapist called was to say that the clinic where she works let her go and she wouldn't be able to provide therapy for her in the foreseeable future. The clinic itself is cutting out music therapy all together - I'm sure it's because the state needs that money to build a big fence along the border to keep all the scary southerners out.

This is a bummer for a couple of reasons. First, Mia likes music therapy. No, it's not as crucial as physical, occupational, and speech therapy, but it complements them very nicely and it's fun. Second, she likes the therapist. I told the therapist that even if the clinic still offered music therapy, I would want to stick with her, because she forms bonds with all her therapists, and even though she moves on relatively quickly when she gets a new one (she's on her third OT), there is still a period of adjustment.

I told her therapist to give us a call if she hooked up with another clinic or decided to offer private therapy. I hope she does. I often tell her therapists that if we could afford it and they had the time, I would hire them to work with Mia every day for eight hours. She's still getting plenty of therapy, but I hope she can get music therapy back. It's just another small thing that gets cut out because of bureaucracy. Don't get me started.


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