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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Soon to be the terror of the neighborhood!

Norah is awfully close to walking. She has been belly-crawling like a speed demon for a while now, and we've had to move the cats' water bowl and Smokey's food just so she doesn't get her grubby little paws in it. It's fun and frustrating watching her zip around - I sit on the floor constantly and try to divert her attention from all the forbidden areas of the house.

She hasn't stood up yet, but she'll get there. One very fun thing she's been doing recently is sitting up in her crib.
  We'll enter in the morning and she'll be sitting there, pleased as punch, ready to face the day. The other day I went in and she was sitting in the corner with her hand on the top railing. I imagine she was puzzling out how to pull herself up and over. Despite the inherent fear that she will topple out of the crib and onto the tile, it was still cool to see.

Then, on Monday, she was crawling around on the floor and she went over to one of the chairs. She wrapped her legs around one of the legs and started pulling on it, trying to raise herself up that way. She didn't succeed, but it was cool to see. I imagine within a month or two (she just turned ten months, so it would be nice if she could do it before her birthday) she'll be at least pulling herself up. Then the real fun begins - chasing her around all. the. time. I suppose I'll sleep well at night! Posted by Picasa


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