The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

I doubt if we're the only ones who think our children are unbelievably adorable when they sleep. Maybe we are. Maybe we're just wacky that way. But, it cannot be denied that our children are unbelievably adorable when they are sleeping, and we often want to take pictures of them while they sleep to prove it. The problem is that they usually wake up when we enter the room, so taking a picture becomes difficult. I often have to wake them up from naps, but when I go in, they wake up. Especially Norah - she wakes up if you open the door slightly, and glares at you as if she cannot believe you dared to wake her up!

However, recently I went in to wake Mia up and she remained sleeping. I called Krys and told her to bring the camera. We took her picture, and here it is. She is, indeed, unbelievably adorable when she is sleeping.

That's all I have for now. Just a proud Dad showing off his sleeping daughter to anyone who happens to stop by here.


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