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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Toilet-training Mia

After a longer break than usual, how's that for a good first subject of the New Year?

We have been thinking about toilet-training Mia for a few years, but it's very difficult. We have a potty seat, but because she can't sit very well, she doesn't balance on it except with a great effort. So we usually have to sit there and hold her, which isn't terribly conducive to natural elimination functions! So we started looking around for a toilet seat for her. We found one, got the money for it approved in her yearly budget (we have to submit her expenses to the court annually, at which new funds are released, and we occasionally anticipate greater expenses for things like toilet seats), and then ... nothing. Well, nothing because I kept forgetting to order it. Yes, I'm an idiot. She went to school, of course, and wasn't around that often, and it just kept slipping my mind. Finally, in December, I called the company that makes them and ordered it. It arrived a week later.

Yes, a week later. It's really astonishing how fast things get done when insurance isn't involved. Of course, that makes life with insurance much more frustrating, too. We don't often bypass her health insurance, but for large Durable Medical Equipment (DME) purchases, we do because of the hoops through which you must jump to get them, plus most health insurance has a pretty low ceiling on the amount they cover ($1000, usually). So for things like wheelchairs, we just get the money from her account and let the court know, and it's never been a hassle. I'm not a big fan of health insurance as it now stands, in case you can't tell.

The toilet seat is very easy to use. It has a foot plate with straps to keep her feet from flying out, and a lap belt to secure her. She has no problem sitting on it, and actually seems to enjoy it a little. Of course, she doesn't pee at all. I have tried to put her on it when I think it's about time for her to go, but she just sits there for a few minutes smiling and batting at the shower curtain, and then finally she says "All done pee" and wants to get off. She doesn't want to hear about trying to pee after that! A few times when I knew she had to poop, I put her on it to encourage her. She immediately stopped trying, which is odd, because you think it would be easier with nothing stopping her! Usually she tries to poop while sitting in a chair, which seems a lot harder! So we're not having much success.

Still, we're going to keep trying. She's getting to the point where we'll have to start special-ordering her diapers, and although I'm not sure if she'll ever be able to go without diapers, it would be nice if she could at least try it because she knows when she has to go. As with everything with Mia, it's going to take a while, but if there's one thing we've learned in the past five years, it's patience. She will not defeat us!!!!!


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