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Friday, December 18, 2009

As promised ... VIDEOS!

As this week is the end of things in the school/kid-related arenas, Norah and Mia had things going on. Mia sang in a choir on Monday, but for some reason we weren't informed about it and so we missed it (we're a bit peeved about that, you can be sure). Then, on Tuesday, Norah had her dance recital for Little Gym. I've posted videos of her dancing in her recital before, and this is more of the same. She's very funny, because she knows what to do but seems like she doesn't want to stand out, so she looks around to see what the other kids are doing. I wanted to yell, "Come on, Norah, you know what to do!" Then she went into the gym and played on the various gymnastics props, so I filmed some of that. On Wednesday she had a little choral presentation at her pre-school. She did the motions in the first half of the first song and then quit. But she did sing throughout, which some kids did not do. Her best friend stood in the back row and looked grumpy through the entire "concert" (you can see him, very briefly, in one of the videos). Then on Wednesday night, we went out to Mia's horse therapist's place for a Christmas party. There was a band singing Christmas songs, so I videotaped them dancing along to the music. They both had a grand old time even though we forgot jackets and it got mighty chilly out there in the desert!

I hope you enjoy these, even though they're not very exciting. That's just the way it is with kids, isn't it? But they sure are cute!


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