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Monday, March 01, 2010

It's time for a Mia update!

One week later ... how's Mia doing, you might ask? I'm sure you think about her all the time, even though she's not your child!

Mia had a rough week, although she's getting better. She stayed home on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It was extremely boring for her, as you might expect. She managed to take a long nap on Wednesday, but on Thursday she didn't appear tired and was much happier all day. We give her Valium for her muscle spasms and we have some pretty strong pain medication, but it seemed to be making her nauseous, so we have been trying to skip that and stick to Motrin, which seems to work. I wasn't going to send her back to school until today, but she was so good on Thursday that I really didn't see any reason why she couldn't go back on Friday.

So I took her in on Friday and spent some time there, just to make sure they were okay with her. They were worried that they wouldn't be able to get her through doorways (she could get through them, with only a little extra maneuvering) and how they were going to change her. As long as they have two people to change her, everything seems to be fine. They have to be careful moving her around and making sure none of the other kids bang into her, but so far that's been okay. They told me she was good in the morning but she wore down as the day went on, which isn't surprising. Mia gets worn out fairly easily, and given the fact that she's not eating very well (since the surgery, that is - we believe she's back to being peeved at us so she's not eating) and she's lugging around a heavy cast (well, not lugging, but it's still weighing her down), it's not surprising she was getting tired. I went by after school to check if she would fit on the bus, and that went well too. So her first day was fairly successful.

Her weekend was pretty boring, unfortunately. She can move around even less than she usually does, and we can't take her out anywhere (well, we could, but it would be a HUGE production), so she's pretty much stuck in front of the television. She'll play with some of her toys, but it seems like she's less patient with them now than she was before the surgery - I don't know if it's just the effort of pulling herself up to a sitting position or what, but she plays with her toys for a few minutes and then tells us she's all done. So the weekend went really slowly, as you can imagine.

Today she was back in school, and apparently everything went well again, and again she hit a wall in the afternoon. She slept in very late yesterday morning, and I think waking her up at 6.45 this morning was something she just didn't enjoy. That's about as late as I can wake her up, though, so she's just going to have to get used to it! She actually fell asleep on the bus ride home, which is a very rare event. We decided to put her to bed about 6.15, so we hope that helps keep her at least awake at school. The teacher didn't say she started acting poorly, just that she was sleepy. So maybe they can give her a break if she nods off. Her muscles are stretched way out and she's wearing a big heavy cast, after all!

She has a follow-up with the doctor next Wednesday, and I really hope he decides when she's getting it off. The following week is Spring Break, and I would love it if she could get the cast off then. We shall see. It's already been a long week, and I anticipate the next few weeks will also be trying. But hey! that's what being a parent is all about, isn't it? At least Krys and I don't have to sit around with our legs pulled apart and in heavy casts!


  • "I'm sure you think about her all the time, even though she's not your child!"
    Well, maybe not ALL the time, but certainly now and then. I even think about YOU, Greg.

    By Blogger Roger Owen Green, at 2/3/10 4:25 AM  

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