The Daughter Chronicles

Friday, December 09, 2011

Mia enjoys her television

For a while, we had no DVD player - we had one from the late 1990s, and it finally died. So while we were waiting for my father-in-law to send us our Christmas present - a Blu-Ray player - Mia had to watch DVDs on my computer. One day she was having a grand old time singing along, and I thought I'd film her. It's been a while since I filmed her having fun.

She's singing along to the Wiggles, by the way. I know the sound quality isn't great and Mia tends to not annunciate terribly well, but toward the end you can understand her telling Jeff to "wake up" - Jeff, of course, is the narcoleptic Wiggle whom no one ever seems to think needs a CT scan or something to see what's wrong with him. Poor Jeff!

Anyway, Mia: Still cute. Of course you knew that!


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