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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Norah's winter concert went well

If you don't believe me, watch it yourself!

Norah's concert was last Wednesday, and we had a nice time. She got dressed up all fancy,

which she enjoys, and we were off! Mia, of course, is never happy about doing anything that doesn't involve watching television, but Krys told her she could sit on Mommy's lap, which made her happy:

Norah, of course, is always ready to smile when she's getting her picture taken, even if she hasn't quite figured out how to make it look natural:

The kids always seem to have a good time. The kindergarten sings by itself, and then the 1st and 2nd grades sing together, the 3rd and 4th together, and then the 5th and 6th grades together. They all did a good job, even though, of course, you really can't say they sounded great, mainly because of their youth. One girl in 6th grade had a solo, and she sounded like a future American Idol (not only was her voice good, but she had that vibrato in her voice that's all the rage among singers these days), but in general, it's more a nice time than a chance to hear good singing. Of course, as always, I was most disappointed with the audience. You can hear it a little on that video - the buzz in the auditorium during the singing. That wasn't only kids - far too many adults were talking while the kids were singing. Don't even get me started on the rudeness of adults these days.

Norah enjoys singing - I don't know if she'll do it when it's not mandatory, but for now, she likes it. And that's all that matters, really!


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