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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another reason why I will soon be insane

Kids like amazingly annoying things. That's a given. Mia likes this toy that is a Rube Goldberg-esque contraption that shoots balls out of a tube using air, and then the balls fall into a tray and wind their way down back into the machine. To activate it, Mia pushes a plunger on the machine. It's very cute. She got it a while ago, liked it for a while, then forgot about it. As kids do, she has re-discovered it. And has decided to use it drive Daddy insane.

You see, when the machine is activated, it plays music. Of course - God forbid anyone make a toy these days that doesn't play music. And, of course, it's a carnival-esque type of music. And, of course, it plays "Rockin' Robin." And, of course, Mia hits the damned plunger over and over again. "Rockin' Robin" over and over again. Like a clown was playing it on one of those little organs with the monkey. She does this to drive me insane, of that I am convinced. That little demon. She is pure evil.


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