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Monday, November 21, 2005

What's the big deal?

Norah rolled over this weekend. Good times. She still has not figured out how to get her arm out from under her, and once she gets onto her stomach, she hasn't figured out that rolling back onto her back is pretty easy. If we put her on her stomach, she can roll onto her back easily enough, but if she rolls onto her stomach herself, she gets stuck. Oh, the vagaries of learning how to move! I'm pretty happy about it, because she is often bored and I keep telling her that if she moves around more often she won't be as bored. People tell me then I will be chasing her around, but you know - after having a kid who doesn't do that sort of thing, I'm looking forward to a kid who does. I'll be less bored then too.

Krys was very upset because she missed the big event. She was whining last week about working so much and missing their development, and then, on Saturday when Norah actually managed it, she was outside selling our car. So she missed it anyway. But my point is - so what? We put WAY too much emphasis on "the first time" kids do something. Norah rolled over - that's a good thing, but it's not like she won't ever do it again. I don't even remember when Mia rolled over, nor what her first word was, nor any of the other milestones kids have. Krys probably wrote them down somewhere, but it's not like I care all that much. It's nice that Norah is progressing, and maybe I'll feel differently when she starts walking, but it's not that big a deal. Am I a cold, heartless bastard? Could be.

Krys's baby book says that at 20 weeks, Norah should be "well established" with eating solid foods. Whoops! That's something we have to work on. If the book says so, it must be right! So far, she's not a fan. Wait until we hit her with vegetables! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!


  • Actually, I'm not all that into the first time either. It seems too transient to me, too ephemeral and too much like forcing you to buy a video camera when what really matters are all the thousand of smiles after the first one, the thousands of steps that take our children places, the millions of words after their first. They are always the sum of all their moments. There is no missing them -- they are all right there, in front of us, refusing to eat their broccoli.

    By Blogger Stuntmother, at 27/11/05 8:19 PM  

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