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Friday, October 19, 2007

Parent-teacher conference!

This past Monday we had the first parent-teacher conference for Mia. We were very keen to go, because we're very interested in keeping up with her education. The teacher told us that she's doing quite well. They make her identify letters and numbers over and over, and make her write letters and numbers over and over. That's what she needs, because she can learn through a lot - A LOT - of repetition. So she's doing pretty well in school. She is slowly getting better at the work, and who knows how long it will take, but at least she's making progress.

The teacher did say that she has occasional discipline problems. We don't mind too much, because she's 5, and that's what five-year-olds do! In her regular kindergarten class, she sometimes makes too much noise during story time. She also rocks a lot, which vexes us quite a lot as well. If she doesn't stop, her aide simply turns her around so she can't participate in the circle. This makes her grumpy, because she likes to be involved. We're kind of interested to see how she progresses with that, because we have put her in timeout in the past, and that worked very well. She learns slowly when it comes to letters and numbers, but she learns fast when discipline is involved!

She also has gotten on the treadmill occasionally. The school has a treadmill with the upper part of a gait trainer attached to it. The treadmill goes very slowly, and Mia hates it. But she tries to do it, so we're happy. She hated her physical therapist for a long time, and she's gotten over that.

So she's doing well in school, and we think she's picking up a lot, as does her teacher. It's very cool.

Then, on Wednesday, she sat up for her PT. This time she started completely on her back, rolled over to her side, and pushed herself up. She has sat up when she starts on her right side, but this is harder because it's very difficult for her to roll. She did it a few times, and it's very cool to see.

Of course, this morning she went to the dentist. We brush her teeth twice a day and floss her every other day, because she only has a few places to floss. So what does the doctor tell us? You guessed it: cavities! Yes, her molars are cavity-ridden, and the dentist said she'll probably need caps on at least three of them. He wants to take the x-rays and do the work on the same day with her unconscious, so we'll be doing that soon. We figure it's hereditary - neither Krys nor I have particularly good teeth, and Mia doesn't eat a lot of sweets (or a lot of anything, really), so we can't figure out why she has cavities. It's annoying. Norah's teeth are fine, but he did find a couple of weak spots, which means she's going to have cavities too, no matter what we do. Excellent!

So that was Mia's week. We're very proud of her at school, even though she's a bit mischievous. We look forward to her continual progress.


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