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Friday, October 12, 2007

Norah hates insects!

Today Norah was digging through one of her toy baskets. We have three rather large ones in the living room, and she occasionally gets it in her head to pull every single toy out of one (or more) of them, and today was one of those days. I was in the kitchen getting Mia a snack when she walked in with a small rubber ball in one hand, and a dead cricket in the other. I have mentioned before that a while ago, she became deathly afraid of crickets, and would shriek whenever she saw one, whether it moved or not. Recently, however, they've all died out and we rarely see them, so she, we thought, had moved on. But it was not to be!

She was holding the dead cricket by the antenna. I was pretty impressed that she had seen it and picked it up. She looked at me, cried "Crick! Crick!" with increasing volume, and hurled it to the ground at my feet. Then she ran back into the other room and started bouncing her rubber ball, secure in the knowledge that no dead insect was going to spoil her fun.

I thought it was quite humorous. Your opinion may vary.


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