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Friday, January 25, 2008

Mia in stirrups

I always try to post once a week, at least, so when I don't even do that, I feel guilty. I've been very busy the past few days, because my parents flew in to visit and we've been running around. Plus, there's just not much going on. Mia is doing fine in school, Norah is a typical two-year-old in that any slight change in her status quo results in a great deal of screaming on her part until she realizes the entire world is NOT trying to kill her or otherwise deprive her of fun, and we're doing our thing. So it's just kind of moving along.

However, this morning at horse therapy, she got to ride with stirrups, which is pretty cool. I wish I had known, because I would have taken pictures (I didn't have Norah with me because of the grandparents' visit, so it would have been the perfect day to go outside and check her out, because Norah misbehaves so near the horses, as she loves them so much!). But her therapist said the stirrups really helped her sit up straighter and keep her torse stabilized, with is, after all, part of the point. So that was nice.

Next week she has an appointment with an orthotic specialist who is going to fit her for some strange device. I'll definitely post about that, but I'll try to have something to say prior to that as well. I know I have a loyal audience of about 3 people, so I feel bad when I go this long without something new!


  • Senor Spielbergo!

    HA, Krys!

    Wow - it is good to see Mia up and about - and good to "see" you guys too!

    Hopefully sometime we'll get to visit this year!

    By Blogger Roxy, at 1/2/08 7:42 AM  

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