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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Videos of Mia

I have been trying for some time to find time to upload videos onto my computer and thence onto the blog, but didn't have time until my parents visited this week, and as my father is a computer genius, he could puzzle the whole thing out! So now I have a YouTube account and a camcorder, and there's no stopping me!

I wanted to post videos because pictures don't really do justice to what Mia is working on. I can show pictures of her in her gait trainer, but you can't really visualize how she moves in it. I can describe how she sits up, but it's tough to imagine the struggle she has in doing it. So I'm going to try to film her doing various things, beginning with these three clips below.

The first is one of her sitting up during one of her physical therapy sessions. This was filmed the day after Christmas (so about a month ago), and she's gotten even better in the days since. She occasionally doesn't want to sit up at all, but usually she zips right up. This is a good example of the way she sits up, however.

The second two (from the same day) are of her walking with her physical therapist. I'm holding her hands, because that's how we do things around these parts! The first video is from a different angle than the second one, because when we watched it on the camera screen it was much darker, and I told Krys she needed to move to a different vantage point. That's why she calls me "Señor Spielbergo" in the second video - she was being snotty. That's why I love her!

For both of these videos, I ask that you ignore my whiny voice. I had a stuffy nose, so my voice was even more annoying than it usually is. Pretend it doesn't exist and you'll be much happier!

Also, Norah is kind of wandering around in these. I'll get a video of her at some point, but this is all about Mia right now!

I hope you enjoy these. Now that I know how to do it, I'll have to post some more of them!


  • i can't believe how much better mia is walking, i remember when that inspired a great many tears of anguish and frustration. hey so i might be home in a couple weeks, i'll let you know for sure but if i do come home you can expect a visit or two, and maybe even a free baby-sitting out of it!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/2/08 8:42 PM  

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