The Daughter Chronicles

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Here, for your consideration, many videos of the girls (and the parents of the girls) at Christmas

Yes, I've been neglectful. Last weekend was busy, and then this week I was home with the children all by myself, which took up a bit of my time. I still could have done this, but I kept forgetting. Just be glad I didn't write about the week before Christmas, when all three women in the house decided to be sick! (Though not at the same time, which made it a bit easier.) But now I have some time (it takes forever for these to upload to YouTube), so here are the kids opening their Christmas presents! Just ignore the fat man who shows up in one of them. He's a tool!

I know it's a lot. Sorry, but that's the way the computer splits them up. You can pick and choose, though!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year or whatever else you might celebrate. The kids are back at school, and I'm happy. Man, they're a handful when they're home for so many days in a row! Phew!


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