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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mia's a big-time reader!

Krys has been working with Mia to teach her to read, even though it's a hard slog. She memorizes books quickly enough, especially if she really likes them, but that's not the same as reading, is it? But Krys is still trying!

Recently she's been getting better at it. Last week Krys was reading The Golden Egg Book to her, and she was pausing to work through some words with her. Mia read, without help, the words "hill," "up," and "big." Krys tells her to sound out the letters and then put them together. Mia is getting very good at doing it herself. Because she RULES!!!!!

We'd really like her to be able to read, because that will help her in the real world quite a bit. I have no idea if she'll ever be able to walk on her own, but if she can read, she can do a lot more in life. That would be nice.


  • well, it's kinda, sorta like reading, emulating the process. I have a relative who chastised her child for memorizing instead of reading; that was asinine.

    By Blogger Roger Owen Green, at 11/1/10 5:59 PM  

  • I have no problem with them memorizing things, because it's a useful skill. But it's not true reading, after all. Chastising a child for memorizing is silly; they'll certainly need it!

    By Blogger Greg, at 11/1/10 7:21 PM  

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