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Friday, January 08, 2010

Sassy girl!

I think it is a universal law that girls who are 10 and younger kind of have to be sassy and adorable. It's just how they roll!

Norah is, of course, no exception. Last night I mentioned that I had to take the Christmas tree down (which I did today!). She asked, "Why do you have to do that?" I told her that Christmas was two weeks ago, it's not coming around for a while, and the tree is taking up a lot of space. After that, she said, "Why are you telling me that?" What? You just asked me! Why I oughta ...

The funniest thing was the way she was standing when she retorted. I managed to get a picture in a re-enactment. This is, I promise, about two minutes after she said it, and she was standing exactly like this:

I kid you not, she was standing with arms akimbo, wearing an apron. She got the apron for Christmas and now she loves to wear it while she helps me make dinner. Because she's awesome.

I also forgot to post a couple of pictures from a few weeks ago. She and Mia were watching television one evening (it was a Friday and Krys was working somewhat late) and ... Norah fell asleep on the floor in front of the television:

Maybe being sassy so much just plumb wore her out!


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